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liquid metal and eroded water channels on head?
Just wonder whether anyone has experimented with JB weld or other on the erosion points round the water jacket holes? I've just tried putting some on the areas which are closed to edges of gasket to build up (only a mm or so) before plate glass/abrasive paper rubbing to clean the head up. Would be good to hear if anyone has tried and found it stays in place over time... or not.
seen it done loads of times. Works fine.
good to hear. thanks.
I wouldn’t bother, do it properly by getting the head skimmed, saves wasting a head gasket and potential breakdown.The fact that it’s done , and been done doesn’t mean it’s a good reliable repair .
Another way this *can* be done is to overbore a badly eroded passage, thread it and screw in a short steel sleeve with Loctite. The head would most likely need skimming after.

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