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Prop-shaft spline movement
Hi All

I acquired a Hardy Spicer prop-shaft for my special.  The shaft had been shortened to suit a short wheelbase car but both ends were Ruby style and not suitable for the 3 speed gearbox / screw in torque tube ends of my special.  So I've had them changed by a prop shaft specialist and whilst both now fit I hadn't realised that the yokes would be slightly deeper than the original.  The end result is that I have about 1/2" compression clearance at the spline. See picture.

Is this enough?  Or should I take the prop back and have it shortened further.  If so, by how much?

I can't imagine there is much movement at the spline as any flattening of the springs (I'm using standard Chummy springs as the car is ostensibly for a trials use) will pull the axle back and increase this clearance.  I've tried jumping up and down on the car and the spline doesn't seem to move much at all!

Advice much appreciated.



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I've got about the same on my trials
Car and not had any problems from it !
Have gone up some rough climbs with it.
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
Thanks Spannerman

Gives me confidence to continue.



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