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Ulster Colour Spec.
Has anyone out there painted their Ulster, original or rep, in the cream body / green wing configuration as shown in the well known Sports Model works brochure?
I'd be interested in the colour spec. used.
The Dallas family car is this combination Chris.

i beleive piers travelian done his that colour.

any chance of putting the pictures up of the different colours.

thanks tony.
I think John Sutton's car was that combination when we went to Berlin in 2002
Rather poor (35mm) photos but better than nothing ...

I rather like this colour, the yellow is quite creamy, not as bright as some I have seen. Not sure about the green hood though.


.png   yellow ulster 1.png (Size: 1.63 MB / Downloads: 144)

.png   yellow ulster 2.png (Size: 1.16 MB / Downloads: 142)
I like this colour scheme and have the print of the sales brochure framed on our wall. Why did Austin not make the running board the same depth as the mating zone on the front mudguard and also make the joint with the rear mudguard the same depth to match?
Thanks everyone for their comments and help. 
Investigations are ongoing and I'm sure will yield a result I am happy with.
The brochure which I also have, appears to show a bit more yellow in the body color and a green that has a fair amount of yellow in it, i.e. a brighter green. The brochure also shows green headlamp buckets, wheels, upholstery   cockpit side padding(hose) and steering wheel.

Erich in Seattle

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