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I am thinking about fitting flashing indicators to my RN saloon. Driving in France with a RHD is getting less safe and todays drivers don't understand hand signals.  Rear flashers are easily fitted adjacent to the rear lights, but where to put the front ones - any pictures out there please.

.jpg   Front indicators.jpg (Size: 41.06 KB / Downloads: 376) Hows this?
I haven't got any either Bob. It seems to be a moot point down here as no-one bothers to indicate anyway and perhaps some cars are actually ordered new without them. Either that or some just seem to have one on flashing non-stop. I'm thinking of making a great big reflective hand out of plywood and mounting it on a stick that I can poke out the window. The unusual might make them take notice.

A pair of lucas wing mounted sidelights converted to indicators would be possible, but you're probably like me and want to retain the car's originality. The only option I can think of that is reversible is to have a backing plate behind the number plate extending beyond the number plate and mount them either side.

There are surface mounting flashers available on the bay of E that might do the trick for not a lot of beer tokens. Smoked lenses will make them less obtrusive when not in action.

Mine are going to be tucked under the wings as pictured. They're not properly attached in the photos but you get the idea.

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I have used a set of Rubbolite trailer marker lights which come in various colours, white, red green and amber. The lamps come with their own little brackets, which i fitted to the number plates front and rear:

(You can just see the 4BA brass nuts and bolts used to secure them)

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Smart enough Dave, I did wonder about them being set so far back that they wouldn't be seen by a vehicle which was 'obtuse' ?? to the front of the vehicle.  The rear ones are much easier to locate.  However I didn't want to mount them on the wings.  I have seen photos of them mounted on the rad cowling, but that didn't look right.

Bruce,  I do have a red plywood hand on a stick at the moment,  but it means waking the passenger up to get her to open the window, mind you, they do love it when you wave it about from the sunshine roof!

Whilst on subject,  who supplies the 'original' wire wound cable ?
Bob. Even though the front flashers are set back a bit, , I hvae had no difficulty in them being seen. The drivers who need to see are mostly either behind you or coming in the opposite direction so see you more or less head on. You can see them through the wheels if you are side on to the car.

i wanted them to be unobtrusive when not in use.
The Victorian Road Rules still include hand signals for Cyclists ! 

Shouldn't driver training and testing include this ? 

Or are Cyclists expendable ?  Huh
I use small motorcycle indicators with 6V 10W quartz halogen bulbs - very bright. Front and rear are mounted on brackets welded to the ends of rods running behind the number plates. 
indicators, bulbs, flasher unit all from
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Complete indicator kits available from Austin reproduction parts ltd 6-12 volt  tel 01202 625242

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