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Rear lights
Just started to refurbish Ruby lights.
They look original Lucas I am thinking access to the rear light bulbs is by removing glass.
Rubber looks a bit fragile.
Any ideas on treating the rubber to make it more pliable.
PS still looking for answers to non charge Dynamo.
A Ruby originally had just one rear light, a Lucas ST38, mounted above the number plate and no others. 

Construction and Use changes in the 1950's made it illegal to have just one rear light so cars were retrofitted with a variety of different types of lamp, depending on what was available.

You'll need to identify which you have and ideally, post a photo.

Vintage Supplies stock spares for a number of Lucas types.
Try painting the rubber with Glycerine.  One vintage enthusiast here in Oz used it on his old tyres and swore by it.
Used a silicon lubricant on the light rubber.
Seems to have helped.
Surprisingly all 3 rear lights work so just a clean up before wiring.
Next need to tackle the front lights
Side are old but very tatty.
Heads are non standard but hoping to convert to LED

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