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Being new to A7's I'm not sure if I have a problem or not. When I start my car from being stood overnight, it take a lot of cranks before it bursts into life. Is this because it needs a lot of turns to get the petrol to the carb? Seems odd because when it does start, it does so very easily and stays running. It then restarts easily from warm. 
1935 AAK Tourer
Have you tried hand priming the pump?

No. I did think about that but wasn't sure if it was ok to do so. Is it normal practice?
1935 AAK Tourer
I do.

And me. Check oil first. Prime the carb. Give it three turns on the handle with ignition off. Prime carb again. Go and sit in it and use the starter with the ignition on.
On a first cold start I usually fill the carburtettor bowl using the lever on the pump. (The working of the pump can be felt - if not, turn the engine over once on the handle.) Or I begin by turning the engine over 12 x half turns on the handle with the choke in, which both fills the carb bowl and circulates oil round the engine.

Then I put on full choke and turn over the engine eight half turns (sucks fuel/air mix into each cylinder).

With the ign on, it usually starts first pull on the handle.

Jim Young, an old timer in the PWA7C, suggested this method to me twenty years ago - I think something like it is written down in the Austin literature somewhere?

Once warm, the engine starts easily on the starter.

My starting procedure for a morning cold start is to check oil and water and prime the carb on the pump priming lever.

Ignition on, choke fully out and pull the starter knob. The car goes first time every time. Thereafter, during the rest of the day, it will start without priming.
That is very reassuring advice. Thanks. I shall give it a go next time I'm fortunate enough to take Archie, the AAK, out. I did think the carb might need priming, but wasn't sure. Thanks again
1935 AAK Tourer
I have an M type pump which doesn't have a primer.

So I have to turn over
on the handle at least half a dozen times to fill the carb bowl before using choke and starter.

The fuel in the bowl evaporates overnight, which is why this has to be done first start of the day.
Lot to be said in favour of scuttle tank cars!

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