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A new RTC on the block...
(24-09-2019, 07:31 PM)Tod Wrote: Gentlemen,  thank you for your kind comments about my car. It is my intention to use it as much as possible, obviously weather dependant.
Howard, I think I met you at the Guildtown Ceilidh ? I have no doubt the Brookfield Special will turn out nice and look forward to following the progress.
Jay's, Yes the remote was made by myself, it was really quite simple and works well to date. If you are interested PM me and I will strip it and make a few sketches and notes for you. You would probably need access to a lathe and milling machine though.

Hi Tod
Yes Liz and I were at the Ceilidh. 
Thanks for your comments.  

Forgot to say 16 months is a very quick build. 


Thanks for the contact details Nick!
Photos of remote gear change from Tod...


Well done Sandy great job. Lookino forward to seeing it on club outings

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