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AAK Tourer
I would like to make contact with other AAK Tourer owners. Please PM me if you own one. Thanks
1935 AAK Tourer
if you search 'AAK' on the the Facebook Austin 7 closed group, there are 4 or 5 postings which link to owners... and a ref to one in Wiltshire!
There are quite a few about, a chap on here did one for the Shuttlewirth collection. You could also try:

Ray and Barbara Moses in Hereford.

Anneke Wallace in Aberdeenshire.

Dave Blessley in South Wales.

Have you bought Neville’s old car??

Yes. We've bought Nevilles car Smile
1935 AAK Tourer
I have travelled with that car all over Europe - I hope you enjoy it, much loved and well built.

It will continue to be loved and well looked after Smile
1935 AAK Tourer

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