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Shuttleworth Race Day sunday October 6th
Thought you may be interested in an event taking place on the 6th October.
Shuttlework museum has a race day event, featuring the air show and vintage cars.
The show is a fitting tribute to Richard Suttleworths passion for racing vintage cars and aircraft.
If you've never been it's well work a visit, museum(the old hangers will be open, great air show mainly prewar, paddock of prewar cars with the oppertunity to sprint along the runway(untimed).

Last year a couple of Sevens took part, star of the show will be the Napier Railton on loan from Brooklands ,1933 special v12 535bhp.

Check out the website, great atmosphere, ,more like a big village fate, very close to the action, real old school stuff.
Great value , kids free adults £25 if purchased in advance.
I'll be there with Mathildeux. I've always wanted to visit the collection and hope to get a chance to spend some time there. I'm sure it won't be enough!

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