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I'm thinking of getting some of these flashing LED bulbs for my trafficators. Item 2 on this page [Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]
What do members think? Has anyone fitted them?
I intend to fit indicators as well when I get round to it.
Pete (AAK)
I have had them on my van for a couple of years - no problems. Usual caveat with LEDs - earths must be perfect!

In deepest Norfolk
One of mine is very loose. I will take them both off to service them, and make sure there is a good earth when putting them back on. Thanks
1935 AAK Tourer
Hi Pete,

I found that the solenoid to lift the arm was taking so much current that the voltage dropped below an acceptable level. The LEDs wouldn't work reliably. It wasn't an earthing problem but perhaps the loom wiring was inadequate. I have added a voltage booster to the LED circuit only - a real faff but the result is bright, visible, reliable flashers.

Morning, Pete

To emphasise the point made above - do not rely on the earth return through the body.

On my tourer I have established an earthing point under the rear seat, and another by the control box.

These have heavy wires running back to the battery earth, and every electrical item on the car has an earth return back to one or the other.
I will spend time on all the electrics to make sure I give them the best chance. I have a busy Winter ahead of me Smile I found a great article on how to renovate the steering column trafficator switch, but it fails to explain how to remove it from the steering wheel? I'm sure it's simple. I have the Doug Woodrow Manual on it's way.
1935 AAK Tourer
I think the whole assembly sits on a tube which runs down the column and is held there - at the base of the column - by a small clamp with a pinch bolt through it.
I fitted them a few years ago, following several incidents when I was signalling to turn right and drivers behind failed to see the trafficator and swung out to overtake.
Since then there have been no problems: even young drivers can see them.
They work fine when you're moving, but not so well when you're stationary.
I've had them on my Nippy for a year or so and have found them to be excellent. They seem to do exactly what they're meant to do and other drivers seem to spot them - especially at night when compared to the usual non-flashing bulb. I've also done no fancy rewiring work either so I guess you should be fine just sticking them in as I did.
Best wishes,
I think I'll go ahead and order them. I've seen them much cheaper on ebay, but not the same make. Were did you guys buy yours?
1935 AAK Tourer

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