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Archive Open Day - Sunday September 29th

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Plans are now coming together for the Open Day. An addition to the day's procedings this time will be a small number of talks, presentations and demonstrations which we hope you will find entertaining and informative. The first confirmed will be a demonstration of what is involved in digitising and item and publishing on the web. It is hoped that you will better understand what's involved and find it of interest. As further presentations are confirmed, they will be advertised here and a timetable for the day published as that firms up.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the day...
An image from an earlier Open Day with people looking through the collection of Austin publications the Archive holds...

Another talk has been added to the list for the Open Day, today. Stuart Ulph, who has been researching the Gladys de Havilland photo album over the past few weeks and months, will tell us some of the stories and oddities he has turned up during his researches..
Well worth a visit.
This is an event well worth attending. Not only is a vast range of interesting material available to view (and in some cases buy) but the addition of speakers will make it an even more enjoyable day out. A lot of work goes into the preparation of this display, and your support would, I know, be most welcome.
Another busy day digitising Archive materials to add to the web site...

Thanks to all those hard working enthusiasts collating all that history of our loved 7s, especially the digitising team.
Another busy day, today, this time beginning the preparation of the room at Lubenham for the Open day. Clearing all the surfaces, getting out some of the display materials, generally getting the room presentable...


For those of you who are visiting the venue for the first time, this is a photo of the building you need to look out for. The direction of the shot is when approaching Lubenham from Market Harborough. Entry to the (limited) parking is through the gateway to the left of the low building. A 'Gate guardian' has been arranged and will be parked on the kerb outside the building to make the venue an easier spot...

A further addition to the programme of events for the day. Geoff Roe, fount of all knowledge regarding Bert Hadley, will be in attendance, We plan to put on a display of Hadley memorabilia and Geoff will be around to answer any questions and talk about Bert. Geoff was also, of course, author of the book about Bert and it is hoped that there will be a few copies available for sale on the day... Ask nicely and I'm sure the author will sign you a copy!


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