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Ruby passenger door locking
Ruby ARR passenger door inner locking, the little lever that moves across dose not seem to do any thing, so can not lock the door, does any one have diagram or photo of the inner lock showing how the little moving lever locks the door.

Thanks for all replies 
Graham in Sheffield
Locked and unlocked: What could possibly go wrong?

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.jpg   Ruby Locked.jpg (Size: 91.17 KB / Downloads: 230)
.jpg   Ruby Unlocked.jpg (Size: 95.53 KB / Downloads: 229)
Thanks for photos Colin
The problem is when my lock is like photo 1, I pull the chain to open the lock and the lever moves away from the locking catch and the door opens so the locking catch is doing nothing ?  what am I missing
Has the locking bit broken off the end of the lever? I can't see what else might go wrong.
Robert Leigh
Have you actually taken the cover off the lock and compared what you have there with Colin's photos???? If so, the cause of your problem should be obvious.
Once the tab is rotated such that the force from the locking lever is directly through the centre of the tab pin (flat against flat), no amount of force will move it - mine locks solid.

Mine is the same as Colin's photo's, but when you look at the piece with the hole in the top where your chain fits when I turn my outer door handle this piece when looking at it from inside the car moves to the left away from the locking catch, so the catch is doing nothing ? 
as said the bottom of the lever moves to the left the top with the hole in it moves to the right pushing the piston against the spring and the door opens.

hope you can help
Big Grin 
Looking closely at Colin's photo's I may have found the problem, it looks like the movable locking catch should lock up with the square center pin/shaft to stop the square shaft from turning, l will let you know after repairs if it works.  Smile 

Thanks for all replies
 Graham in Sheffield

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