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Ruby brakes
Now able to move my A7 under its own power.
Need to get the brakes working.
1936 ARR appears to have a semi-Girling setup.
Having no experience with this system is it best to set the shoes close to the drums without binding.
I am concerned about the effect of suspension movement on the system.
On an 80 plus year old car it is unlikely that things are square (eg. brake shoes in relation to drum) or round (eg. the drums themselves).

So I set up brakes so they rub, just a little.

Suspension movement affecting them?   Unlikely unless the run of the back cables is wrong, which often it is.

Fronts coming on when you turn the wheels?   Designed in as standard and worse when reversing.

Try it and see.

Getting balance right between fronts and rears, and nearside versus offside rears is important.

At least with your set up it is easier to make small adjustments
Set up is key - happy to discuss how I do this on 01419428037.

The clearance is determined by how many clicks the adjuster is backed off. There should be enough slack in the cables to avoid dragging. Unlike the earlier cars, the levers are entirely at rest when unoperated. Pedal travel much longer than now fashionable simplifies matters. If the front lever balls are not reasonably in line with kps when operated may drag on sharpish turns. Direction of cotters influences position. Friction is not insignificant with Sevens! If front  ball joint allows movement, operation gets involved.
Thanks gents.
Square head adjusters only fitted to the front.
Guess I need to shim the rears
My cars have adjustable cables on the rears, so you can undo a pinch bolt and pull the cable through to adjust.

Well worth having.

The shimming I have done was a collar round the post the aluminium brake shoes sit on.

What do you have at the rear?
There was a lengthy discussion about the vagaries of mixed systems a few months ago. Search should lead to.
With the early system adjustment for wear is by partialy operating the whole system. The different arm and cam levrage of the girling introduces complications.
Talk to Ruairidh, Tiger. He'll talk you through what you need to do.

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