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Double front shock absorber
My Ruby does not only gently tour, but somtimes gets hurled about on autotests or driven along country lanes increasingly quickly to try and reach a time control before the marshalls pack up and go to the pub. My experience is that double front shocks make a significant improvement. As I don't ever seem to have had an unarmed rowing machine in the scrap pile, I bought mine from David Cochrane, no connection other than as a satisfied customer.
I agree with Malcolm about rear springs and also I found that adding an extra arm on each rear shock absorber plus an extra fixed bracket on the chassis on my box saloon improved its cornering. Made out of scrap bits again! This will be old hat to many A7 people I expect.
Gents - thanks for all the imput.

My main problem is not with cornering - although that can be interesting! - but with  "weaving about" when on less-than-billiard-table roads, of which we have lots of here in Norfolk.

My next step, having discounted the double s/a and having distilled all the knowlege and opinions from the replies above, is to replace all three sets of s/a discs and springs and to carefully examine the joints in the steering and the front axle. I am also of the opinion that the front s/s may have been too tight. Is this a possiblity?

In deepest Norfolk
Mine weaves if the sa is too slack.
What tyres and pressures are you running Rick?
Avon triple sidecar - 19" - 25psi

In deepest Norfolk
I always ran the Avons at 22psi.
Thanks Reckers - I'll give that a try

In deepest Norfolk
tyre pressures make huge differences on sevens.

and each car can be different, so its well worth playing with pressures. rather than just listening to the masses.

i find the higher the camber springs like lower tyre pressures, 22psi 

but sports models like to skirt about on much higher.

i run the supersports on avons, with 28psi. and it loves it.

Rick have you checked your king pin inclination? Loosen off the radius rods, jack up the front axle an inch or so and tweak the radius arms to adjust as explained in the 750 mc companion, if yours is up the creek it transforms the handling and the weave will disappear...sorry if I’m teaching grandmother!

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