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Hi Guys, Can a Nippy owner tell me if the engine bay was fitted with a drip tray below the carb. Im a little uneasy knowing there is a hot exhaust right in the direction of any overflow or dripping from the carb, which mine did on turning ignition off. However, I cured that problem by fitting another main spring in the AC t type fuel pump.
If the Nippy is fitted with any arrangement below the carb, can I ask if you could add a picture. still feelng my way around A7s.
Thank you in anticipation.
Not so far as I'm aware Rob, though doubtless others know more than I.

If it's any consolation it's fairly hard to ignite petrol through spillage on an exhaust manifold. Better though to fettle your carb till it doesn't dribble I suggest.
As Chris suggests, there was no arrangement for catching any drips:

.jpg   austin-seven-nippy.jpg (Size: 71.75 KB / Downloads: 375)

There is very little risk of a conflagration resulting from drips onto the exhaust pipe; any petrol landing on a hot exhaust will immediately vapourise. The real danger is sparks and fuel vapour, so just don't hold a cigarette lighter anywhere near the carb!
My Type 65 was restored by Chris Keevil in the 90s and features in the Rinsey Mills book. I believe Chris was pretty fastidious about details and my car has no arrangement such as you describe. A new needle valve doesn't cost a lot and may just sort the drip. If your float is a bit dented, as one I inherited was, I can report that warming it up with a propane torch elicited a very satisfactory "ping!", with a return to original shape. Important to check the float is completely airtight and void of fuel before you try this of course!
On a different note, I understand there should not be a gasket on top of the float bowl (which will affect the fuel level), despite a rebuild kit I bought containing one.
Edit to add: apologies, I see you've fixed the drip.
Many thanks to Chris, Colin, and Mike. Yee!! another part I don't have to find. Chris nice presented engine bay. Yes fixed the drip another spring in the AC pump.
appreciate the time taken to reply.
Regards Rob

ps Mike what is your manifold painted with ??
Rob, it's not my car, sadly! However, the finish looks suspiciously like it's been metal-sprayed with stainless steel. Back in the 1960s aluminium spray was a popular finish, but that produces an almost white finish; after some experimentation I got the shot-blasters to spray with stainless, and got exactly this effect.
I got a similar effect with some slightly metallic anthractive woodburner spray paint... used only because it was heat resistant but it did a good job!
Thanks Jon, will take a look.
Would it work on the head as well? Mine had been painted with household(?) black & it has
flaked off leavening a scruffy ,rusty head! Any suggestions?
Something like this David:
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