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Original trim fixings - Mk1 Ruby...
One of the latest projects involves work on a very original and early Ruby.

Many of the interior trim features still exist and will provide others with information to tackle their own car...












Oh My God !! I admire your courage Ruairidh, in tackling what looks like a horrendous job. Respect !!
It is actually a joy to work on such cars - quite a few have come out of the woodwork with very original features recently. They will all be retained.
Hi Ruairidh

Enjoyed the photographs, thanks.

Presumably most of the internals are tacked in place? Interesting to see what was used on the front pillar - is this just on the earlier cars? Lovely to work on something so original - real archaeology.

Very interesting Ruairidh, thank you for sharing those. It's so important to catalogue these little details now there are so few original, unrestored cars around, particularly the later cars which somehow seem to attract less historical attention.

Colin, the later Mk2 Ruby is quite different.

On this car the wheel arch covers are tacked, as is most of the piping. Windscreen pillars screwed along with the bottom door strip. The rear carpet is held by bifurcated rivets and two screws at each end.
The strip along the top of the door is a new one to me - anti-rattle or draught excluder??
That's how mine was & has been renewed, even the ply fixed to the body tub, the only bits I had to make up from guesswork were the finisher trims to the inside of the windscreen pillars - I used A35 items - not dissimilar to what you show.

I would be interested to see how the wing piping went, I had on my front apron leather strips fixed with bifurcated rivets, and it seems that these went down the join with the body tub/front & rear wings, I thought that the wing piping was a separate layer, can you confirm if this was so, and how it was fitted in relation to the strips???

Very interesting to see more evidence of what was original!

The wing piping was replaced in the 1970s...

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