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Forthcoming Auction
Although no listings for Seven parts there’s plenty of interest for the vintage enthusiast.
My old friend Noel Clark,passed away far too young, his collection is under auction by H J Pugh at Ledbury Herefordshire tomorrow.
A fine chap to the end, I believe all proceeds are to go to the local dogs home.

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Hi Albert.

Sorry to say I didn't know Noel.

He must have been buying up till the end, as ive seen a couple of the sign in the past go through other auctions.

I have been watching pughs for some time waiting for this auction.

The auction is well known through the automobilia world, and I know all the big collectors are ready.

So watch some of the scary prices on those lovely pumps, some of the rearer signs. And there are a couple of lots of tins that will go stoopid. Don't know why but people do seem to go mad on bidding when it's an individual's collection.

If they don't go stoopid, some nice stuff will be coming home with me.

I think the dogs home will be kept in treats for many years to come.

I regularly attend pughs, and there motorcycle section can also get very expensive.

I'll attend the auction, if there's anything you want to know a price on early.

Hello Tony..

I’m sure you would have hit it off.  He was an inveterate buyer and collector, also an excellent restorer and fabricator.
Yes, apparently today’s viewing is very busy, I can see tomorrow being jammed. Looks as though there are two auctions running simultaneously which could be awkward.

There’s a couple of us dropping down, I’m only looking for a couple of items of sentimental value but as you say, it’s going to be interesting what the serious money brings.

I guess it serves to underline that we’re only temporary custodians, always sad though to see a lifetimes collection being parted.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Hi Albert,

As you say, we are only custodians.

The key is to enjoy it.

See you there.

A cursory look through the catalogue tells me I'm glad to be miles away! I want everything in it...
With some of the prices realised today you would need very deep pockets Duncan.. even though “classic”car sales look to have slowed petrolania and automobilia are very buoyant. A lovely day meeting like minded people and old friends.
The future for those doggies is very secure .
Well what can I say.

A long day for one perchase?

Good to see Henry Cole and Sam lovegrove there.

Will be looking forward to see how they make a half hour program from buying one £10 can ???

Although if he gets paid £50k or the like per episode. That will be a fantastic earner for a tenner.

Well worth going to see everyone I know though.


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