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Stippolite glass
I wonder if anyone knows where I can have two 9” stippolite  headlamp lenses made up? 
 Any help would be appreciated.
Would have thought your local glazier should be able to do that. My local shop cut me some Stippolite glass several years ago.
Stippolyte is a standard Pilkington glass pattern. Your local glass man will be able to supply and will, normally, have it in stock. Rather than giving him a diameter, make a template in ply or whatever you have and ask for two like that, please. Or, perhaps, ask for three to save you having to go back when you drop one!! 

Don't ask Blush

How do you know that, Steve?
Alan Fairless
I think you can probably guess, Alan! It was a glass for my Lea Francis back in about 2005 and I dropped it before I'd even got to my car! When I went back to the same place in 2013 for glass for my Ulster the bloke remembered me and asked if he should cut three just to be on the safe side Sad

The last time I bought glass the glass merchant carried it out to my car for me ... and dropped it.

Just to make you feel better Steve!

Thanks Stuart and Steve.
My local glazier made up a pair while I waited. Perfect fit and only twenty quid the pair. Certainly don’t feel I’ve been robbed!
When I went to collect the chassis which I now have there were two perfect period A7 headlights in with the deal. they were carefully packed in two carrier bags with bubble wrap. The vendor picks up the first one to put it in the car and the bottom fell out smashing a perfect domed and ribbed glass. After much swearing and sweeping he went to get the second one, which promptly jumped out of the top the bag and smashed on the floor! There must be some affinity between headlamp glasses and concrete/tarmac...

There was something about those headlamps, I didn't want to use them and advertised them on eBay with new Stippolyte glasses. They sold for a good price, paid into my Paypal account. They vanished somewhere in Bristol and I had to claim the sale and carriage price from the carrier.
Good evening. I am intreagued by the 'domed ribbed glasses' Lucas Graves glasses as fitted to A7's were flat with 10 'reeds' hence the code number 610.

Regards from the creative county - Staffordshire

They were Lucas shells with "King of the Road" (Prince of Darkness?) badges, perhaps not what I thought?

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