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Supercharged EA sports chassis list
Hi All

Is there a known list of Ulster EA chassis numbers , particularly the supercharged cars, obviously many will have had restoration work including, like my own car, significant body repair or replacement , but I am interested to know if there is a definitive list available of chassis and engine numbers or even how many supercharged non-works cars were produced or thought to survive?.
Theres a Sunday topic to get your teeth into! 


Hi Walter,

There is a part list, someone might be kind enought to put it up for you. It was on the old forum.

This is the austin register, held at gaydon.

It is only a part list as the B2 and B4 body number cars are missing.

Also as suggested by canning brown, odd batches of AE Ulsters were made possibly up to 1938.

There is also a know surviving list, held by the PWA7C.

although, if you listen to everyone. There are double the amount of cars claiming to survive than were made.

However, I would imagine cars with original blown engines are hard to fake.


I found a lot more history to my own blown Ulster, by talking to individuals. Rather than asking on the forum. Often with sports model info, people don't want go public with there knowledge.

Good luck.

Hi Tony

Thank you very much for your informed reply.

I am sure you are correct, in that people often don't seem super keen or forthcoming to discuss chassis numbers online and that naturally it can be rather a minefield, with the mix of information from both well informed historians and those who have picked up a little information - often perhaps wrongly recorded somewhere on the internet and then repeated.

Naturally as the values rise so does the difficulty in working out what was and what is , and of course what might be! 


I think the general concensus is around 160 EA Ulsters were built in total. The surviving records for B1 and B3 series shows there were 15 supercharged cars out of a total of 64 B1 cars, and 14 supercharged out of a total of 38 B3 cars. Some of those supercharged cars were special order cars for the Works Experimental Department, and it seems reasonable to suppose those orders were reduced towards the end of production, so I would suggest a total of perhaps 50 supercharged cars. There are over 400 Ulsters recorded on the Register list, of which around 300 admit to being 'replicas' ...
Can someone enlighten me on the differences between B1, B2, B3, and B4 cars? I have also heard that TT cars, but with EA bodies, such as the Goodacre/Trevisan car, were built, perhaps to 1934.

Erich in Seattle
There is no fundamental difference between the first B1 car and the last B4 car; they are the Car Numbers, issued in numerical sequence to all Austin Sevens, so when the works reached B1-9999 the B2 sequence started and so on. Any detail alterations, such as the change from 8-stud to 10-stud blocks, did not result in any change of Car Number identity.
The biggest difference Erich is that the B1 and B3 can be easily verified - we have real concrete evidence as to their 'as new' spec and possibly who they were consigned to. Where the ledgers do not exist, all we can hope for is evidence from old Motor magazine sales adverts (such that people like David Howe are researching), raceday editorials... and owner photographic remains which may verify things.

The transcribed ledgers are in Henry Harris's Flickr here... and there is another lovely collection of Ulster photos in a neighbouring album.
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Thank you, Jon. So my EA, Number 125,is obviously a B4, for which no details exist, correct? First registered in Perthshire August 18, 1931.

Erich in Seattle
That seems likely, Eric. The last car for which records survive is B3-9969 which was dispatched on 28th May 1931. Interestingly, if your car is number 125, maybe my suggestion of a total production of 160 is rather optimistic.
Mike, my chassis number is C 137518, if that helps with estimating build numbers. Floorpan is original and 125 is stamped on the tunnel. The body, aft of the bulkhead has been replaced in the past.

Erich in Seattle

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