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Slight kick back on the starting handle
I recently had occasion to to remove  the distributor on my Ruby which obviously meant I had to re time the ignition. This I did  using the 1/4 marking on the flywheel to establish TDC on no1 cylinder. Then  adjusted the dizzy with the aid of a bulb fixed between the low tension  and Earth. I started the engine then fine tuned things by ear until the engine ran and sounded smooth. The car now runs and starts well however when starting on the handle  there is quite a kick back from compression not because the engine has fired. This is until you get past TDC.   IS  THIS  NORMAL.

John Mason.
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

I would retard the ignition until it doesn't kick back - or is just a little kick.   A big kick indicates too much advance.

Both my cars have manual advance, so it is easy to do, and easy to replicate the kick back situation just to get a feel for it.

But if you are sure it is running smoothly and not sounding over advanced then don't worry too much.
A kick -  where the starting handle flicks back strongly or weakly occurs when the spark fires.  With the timing as set on my Ruby, I can feel a weak kick as I turn the engine over slowly every half turn as the cylinders fire in turn - I think because the handle is turned gently, giving a low compression at ignition, the kick is slight.  Once, when I had the ignition too far advanced during setting, I pulled the handle quickly to start the engine, it kicked back hard and ripped the handle out of my hand.  Obviously, the other force felt on the handle is the compression force from each cylinder as the engine is rotated - this is not so strong on my car - other engines I have owned have had much more compression, but this is a steady build up as each piston on compression rises in turn and separate from any 'kick'.

Thank you both for your advice. Simon my distributor turns clockwise which way do I turn it to retard the engine.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

As a matter of interest which distributor? The early one marked 3 deg would seem more liable than the later 8 deg. Always assuming the advance (retard) mechanism is working. 

The static settings for the two distributors were coverd ina a recent post.

Kickback on larger cars can be dangerous. The rule was to pull up only and to keep fingers and thumb on the same side. Some Model T fanatics reckon only the left hand should be used!

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