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Chris Blakey - Celebrate the Seven Trans Siberian journey

.jpg   chris.jpg (Size: 46.8 KB / Downloads: 1,552)

Chris and his family were at Beaulieu over the weekend and he was officially 'waved off' on his amazing adventure to Tokyo. Sadly he is not being accompanied by other 7s but he has found companions to join him on parts of the journey. The trip begins on Wednesday.

He has asked me to post up some info. Anyone fancy joining him?

My Russian wingman  Ilya,  booked to do Moscow to Novosibirsk!(14 days). Then Will Leith for 14 days until Chita! After that I have a co-pilot seat for a week or so from Chita until Vladivostok.( 7-10 days). If you or anyone you know,  fancies  a serious 2019 Austin Seven adventure ( austin7 friends perhaps? ) spread the word!!

[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register] is where Chris will be posting notes on his progress. If you sign up to the blog you'll get email alerts when there is a new post.

Short video of Sunday's send off. 
[Only registered and activated users can see the links Click here to register]

Good luck Chris!
Thank you for posting that up Nick - I have signed up for the updates and will follow with interest.

He’s off!


I saw Chris and the car at Beaulieu at the weekend and it sounded great, it’s going to be an amazing trip. I’m sure we all wish him a safe and enjoyable trip.

Hi R,

Keep it coming.

Been a fan of chris for a wile.

He is very active in the seven world, with some great ideas that need to be taken up.

I just love an adventure - this one has been very hard to find out more about, looks to be on track now though.

Anyone near Hull got a really good pump they can donate?

My only worrys for chris is he doesn't properly now some of the parts on the car.

I handed him a tray of parts on loan at beaulieu to cover many problems he may have on the trip.

When he discribed his electrics, it sounded like he has a plevin 12v converter. Huh

Very fragile the one I had 25 years ago.

Well, there is no fun in a road trip unless something goes wrong.

Only wish I had the time to join him, that's what tracy chummy was built for.

Does anyone have details of Chris's route & schedule (assuming such a thing exists)?
I'm not aware of Chris publishing a detailed itinerary but this is the map he had on display at Beaulieu.

.jpg   map.JPG (Size: 92.83 KB / Downloads: 1,159)

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