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I think I've seen info that Austins have a tool kit...true?  Where would it be in a '35 Austin Pearl?  I haven't ripped into everything...just curious.  Thanks, Steve
Austin Sevens had a very comprehensive tool kit mainly stored under the drivers seat. 

The following describes the tools and gives details of those included with the pre 1930 cars-

The post vintage cars had similar tool kits with updated pieces such as later grease guns. 

A full set can cost quite a lot to collect (don't ask)

Cheers, Tony.
thanks!  found the box, alas no tools to be found Undecided
Interesting read Tony, hadn't seen that before.
It's possibly worth adding that while I'm sure you're right about the difficulty / cost acquiring a full and accurate set, if Steve is merely casually interested in having a period-looking tool kit a lot of items ('Austin' logo spanners, King Dick adjustable spanners, A7 jacks and handles, wheel braces etc.) show up frequently at autojumbles and can be had for a few quid.
Steve - I have a set of 'Austin' branded spanners that I am willing to part with, if they are of interest. Drop me a pm if yes. Sending them wouldn't be a problem as I could do that from within the US (I have contacts..)

Thanks for the reply! How mcu do you want for them?
Let me dig them out. I'll contact you with a PM..
Ian Rendle stocks more or less all Austin Seven tool kit items. He had an impressive quantity on display at Beaulieu today.
thanks! I'll check them out when I'm ready for the final little pieces...long road to go yet before I get to that point!

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