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Dynamo Terminals and interchangeability
An interesting variant and drive set-up, is it an early Lucas C35A? Sadly, following on from previous posts, Trevor F is indisposed for the immediate or possibly longer future and is unable to take on any Dynamo or other work. There are various firms advertising re-built A7 dynamos but a personal recommendation is the best option.
James- Doesn't Tony Betts have a stock of fairly reasonably priced revamped dynamos? (I bought one once and it worked!) And isn't Vince Leek advocated by others for fast turnaround of customer units?
Where would we all be without biscuit tins. The "new" toffee buckets made of plastic just ain't the same.
Thanks for the tip Jon, will contact Tony or Vince in due course. Have sent you an email, apologies for not being in touch, the email will explain!
I notice that Alderton Austin Services do exchange dynamos at £210.00 each for both C35A and C35M types. I have no idea how good they are but it might be worth contacting them.
The biscuit tins are not quite as old as the cars, whilst modern plastic ones are round and waste valuable cupboard space.
it is the lathe behind the tin I am curious to see please!
See RN windscreen seal thread for a photo and description of the lathe Bob.
Thanks for that David, I'll probably contact them/Vince or Tony on Monday but thereafter will be out of circulation for about 10days! Thanks again for everyone's input, the Forum is a fantastic resource.

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