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Vapour Lock
On non stainless I tend to agree. A better(?) solution can be a heat shield and a more carefully thought out run for the fuel line
I fitted some wrap to the (external) tailpipe on my Ulster in 1990 - 100k miles later and all is still well.

I have replaced the non-bound exhaust system under the Pearl 3 times over the same period, with less miles. It (the Pearl) now has a bound "bunch of banana" manifold that is wrapped from the block to the start of the silencer, no problems with heat crossing the Alps last summer and it definitely made it quieter.

I used this stuff:
That looks like good stuff, are the ties metal or plastic? The white tape I have on my Pembletons is looking grubby after years of road dirt etc. New stuff the right colour might be an improvement.
The are stainless steel I think - comes with some heatproof tape as well.
Another (expensive) solution is Camcoat. This is applied to both the inside and outside of the pipe(s) and allegedly improves gas flow and hence power.
There's a mention of the problem with a Dodge V10 Viper engine exhaust where, at idle, the exhaust was glowing orange. The solution is at 3.48 onwards
Some say yes, some no - Anyway, the exhaust bandage arrived yesterday, so in the cool of the morning, I wrapped 2.5m of bandage around the exhaust pipe. A bit of a struggle as the gap between the pipe and inner " wing " is not overly big. I am now itching like mad as the short fibres are like a thousand nettle stings around my hands and wrists. The joys of home maintenance !!

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