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Tyre Tread Gauge

Now I no longer have the back-up of an MOT check on the tyres, I have invested in a tyre tread gauge to make sure I can keep track of tyre wear.  After a survey, it is comforting to know that currently all my tyres have sufficient tread on them.  (At 2mm I plan to get on with sorting out replacements - but wear, at least on the rear, seems slow.  Also took each wheel off and looked for other damage and cracks - all seemed fine.  A dark garage helps tyres last?)

Most modern tyres have a date code stamp I gather. Anything over 5 years old is likely to be suspect!
My motorcycle rear tyre was put down as an advisory as it was dated 2012 at its MoT last year.
Current tyre industry would recommend changing at 3mmm. Wet grip diminishes rapidly below this. However ageing is a little more difficult, and I’m surprised you got an advisory for a 7 year old tyre. The real danger to Seven with old tyres is not the rubber hardening - this will affect grip levels and braking performance but whether it would be noticeable to most seven drivers is questionable. What you should be concerned about is what you can’t see - what’s inside. If the carcass is rotted you could be in real trouble. If there are any sidewall cracks or distortion I’d change tyres regardless of age.
Alan Fairless
What would insurance company do
If you made a claim due to old Tyre?
Would they pay out!
Have removed good looking tyres
That have rotted on the inside , do think
It won't be long before a age limit on tyres
Will be in force on mot .
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
The problem is, and it’s the reason there has been no legislation yet, is it’s very difficult to relate tyre safety to age. A tyre that’s kept in the dark, but exercised regularly will have a far longer life than one that’s kept outside and used infrequently.
Alan Fairless
I think if we stay in europe it will be more likely the nanny superstate takes over after the tyre companies succeed lobbying for a tire life and mandatory winter tyres.
Hedd I think I know the tyre industry better than you, and they aren’t lobbying for either of those.
Alan Fairless
Tyre tread depth and tyre longevity are separate issues, so long as you use your Seven often enough, as we are all encouraged to do. As the 2mm minimum depth would be anywhere on the tyre, and the centres are wearing quicker for some reason (22psi, Ruby), this seems a reasonable compromise?

I remember when driving a Ruby I was planning to buy that had older tyres on the rear that it handled very badly, feeling unstable even in a straight line 'at speed' (over 30). Putting new tyres on the back cured this.

Odd things, tyres. I had a Golf once on Michelin ZXs. The ride and handling compromise was legendry - if was even possible to drift it on a tailing throttle into a wet bend. Worn out, they were replaced with a new set; result, dreadful: harsh ride and violent lift-off oversteer. On short-wheelbase 7s it never seemed to matter what was fitted, it was just as tricky whatever the make: the same all round; an odd mixture of makes; canvas showing through; half-worn; 20 p.s.i. or 35 p.s.i. However, if I had a preference, it might have been for Avon sidecar, they seemed to make the cars just a little more controllable, but that might have just been my imagination, having spent so much on them.
Saying the tyre industry isn't lobbying for age restrictions to be introduced for tyres isn't actually correct.

DVSA vehicle examiners currently record any tyres fitted to trucks they examine which are over 10 years old and have stated that they will then contact the vehicle operator and investigate their tyre management policies. The inference being that any operator that can't produce a satisfactory tyre management policy may then become subject to enforcement action. 

This is directly a result of representations made to DfT by tyre manufacturers and suppliers.

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