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Hi Guys, picked up my chroming today. Only a month ago they were covered in yellow paint. The lights on my Nippy really let the front end of the car down, so hoping these will give it a facelift, although I think the L130 were on the earlier cars, like the look, my side lights are completely unknown which are currently on the car. Cost £100 which included all the other bits that attach to the lights fittings. Still not sorted the judder on my Nippy and fear i may have to remove the engine and gearbox at some stage,
It's worse in reverse, the car is fitted with Morris Minor brakes, hydraulic with cable operated rear.
Off to Beaulieu see if I can find some spares, in particular, door locks Rocking Horse Shxt situation. All part of the fun and not the end of the world.
Best wishes all.
Regards Rob RPM.

lights look fantastic. And you had the cookie jar lids done too!
I was advised to lift the clutch entirely when reversing to get rid of judder (seems odd, but when no throttle easy to do but not intuitive) and it worked.
Good luck at Beaulieu. Remember Chris Gould does a little book for making/converting Nippy door catches.
Thanks, Jon, will give that clutch info a go, you're right soon as my clutch fully engaged it's fine. it could well be my technique and doesn't like me slipping the clutch.
I will give it my best shot at getting hold of original locks,if not will have to make with reference to C.Gould
Hope the suns out at your end Jon.
Regards Rob.
ps, they threw the spice jars in for free.

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