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More pieces to identify
If I may ask again, I have these pieces from my RP jigsaw to identify please. Any help would be appreciated

Flat steel strip about 12" long x 1 1/4" x 1/8" with two rivets

Tin cover, possibly for a mag?

Curved steel plate, possibly in a motor to retain field windings perhaps?

Odd mild steel pressings?

Round pressing with raised areas?

I think this is the front crank timing gear, there are six in a plastic wrap, all new
The circular steel pressing is the plate that sits above the fuel tank sender right at the back of the transmission tunnel, just under the spare wheel mounting.
"Tin cover, possibly for a mag?"

This is the rear cover for the SM5 switch panel. Is your car definitely an RP? These would have been fitted to early RN's. Very rare, you'll find out why they were thrown away if you try and use it!
Not a crank timing gear, and bit unclear from your picture but could be dynamo gear, the hole up the centre is about the right size but I can not see the depth of the gear. The pressed steel brackets are very similar to those used to support the rear of the floor on Nippys and Ulsters, I am not familiar with this area on an RP but suggest a similar arrangement is likely. The curved plate maybe part of an original exhaust down pipe to silencer coupling clamp.
As far as I can tell the steel strip with two holes in it is a steel strip with two holes in it, or possibly two holes in a steel strip, sorry stumped on this one!
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The two bits on the left of picture 7 look like the brackets that fit between the chassis extensions and the underside of the rear seat pan.

None of the parts in the first five pictures looks like anything from an RP.

Dave's right about the circular pressing in picture 6.
The shapely piece in pics 2 and 3 is the back cover from a Lucas SM 5 type switch panel (not from an Austin 7)
The gear looks like a magneto drive gear. The hole should be 5/8

Martin has identified the bits on the left of picture 7. The bits on the right look familiar too. I have various floor bits cut out of scrap bodies over the years by father, and I have 2 or 3 sets of those. I guess they are a strengthening plate from the floor somewhere, either on a ruby or a steel chrome rad saloon. Perhaps either side of the propeller shaft tunnel near the gearbox where the body mounts to the chassis crossmember. I think the scollop out of the nearside one is to miss the lump on the side of a 4 speed box. As noted no 8 is a mag gear. Good ones are like rocking horse shit from memory.
They are a bit of a teaser Hedd, I'm sure I've seen em, but as for the 4 speed lump these pieces are left and right handed.
The two curved plates on the RHS in picture 7 go hand in hand, the RHS one fits under the LHS one and together they complete the floorboards around the 4 speed box filler lump. The LHS one bolts onto the angled firewall and the RHS one bolts onto the flat floor next to the output flange


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