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Steering caster
Hi, here I am again asking advice from more knowledgeable members. Trying to get some self cantering on my steering. (1933 two seater). The steering box, king pins and all joints are good. I was advised to try a 1/8” packer between the radius arm & axle which I have done. The steering is a little lighter but still won’t center itself. I am thinking of a wedge between spring & chassis. 6 to 8 degrees has been suggested. If I did that would I have to pack & drop the ball? Advice please if possible.
I fixed mine by twisting the radius arms slightly to tip the king pins backwards slightly to give some caster angle. Crude but it worked.
Suggest you measure your existing castor before you do anything else. Then you know what you may be trying to achieve by way of angle and that both sides are the same. The chassis has built in castor in the design. Factory drawings showing datum points 
/castor have been on this forum before as this is far from being a new topic.
Also you say you have a two seater, if the rear springs have been set with less camber you may already have more castor than standard.
Worth checking out the whole picture first I think.

Paul N-M
One way which works for me is to pack the front spring with a thin ally wedging in conjunction with lowering the radius arm mounting, by removing it and reattaching upside down. This lowers it by a couple of inches if memory serves and you may need to drill out another hole in chassis cross member
This should give an improved degree of self steer and if you extend the steering arm ( a la John Miles) you could find you are almost in control on a bumpy road!


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