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Ebay Fraudster is at it again.
Starting at £1 from Germany! Must send email before bid. Complete fraudster.
These are cropping up on an almost daily basis. I always report them on sight and the listings are usually taken down within minutes, or up to an hour.
I reported them from Italy, they do get about

But I don’t understand their game? Their adverts are so obviously false?

Surely EBay could write an algorithm to spot multiple sales of disparate
Items all with the same starting price?

Plus they re use the same images again and again!!


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
I guess it's a numbers game Bill. Some will, some won't, so what. Next!
Well at least it sounds as though the scams are obvious- anyone caught deserves all they get (one born every minute)
Currently 9 postings on ebay. Luckily ebay react quickly to reported fraudsters and they are all disconnected.
(15-05-2019, 08:28 PM)Biddlecombe Wrote: Currently 9 postings on ebay.

Only nine? On occasions, I have seen as many as 4,500 appear on a single hacked seller account within the space of just a few minutes. I suspect the fraudster now has some automated means of setting up the listings, as you couldn't realistically set up that many using a manual process, only to have them all taken down within the hour.

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