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Rivetting tool for A7 aluminium shoes
Dos anybody one know were to get ,a riveting punch as illustrated in Austin Seven source book page 530. Or something similar cranked rivet punch.   It need to be cranked ,but may be not that special face shown ,just able to make a nice end  result of the inside hollow rivet. ?
Thanks in advance Mogens
For riveting shoes you first need to buy a packet of "Growmore A" powder. The powder is applied in the arm pits and within a few years (the usual time for a rebuild) another arm will have grown!
The riveting needs at the very least 3 arms/hands - one to hold and manoeuvre the shoe over the anvil, one to operate the hammer and one to steady the punch. Asking the wife's help usually ends in acrimony.....far better to remain a married multi-arm freak than a pauper divorcee.

Dennis (freak)
I agree with Dennis in as much that you need a helper so there is another pair of hands. I did my brake linings a few years ago using a punch bought for leather work and putting in eyelets. The only other thing needed was a round steel rod the diameter of the rivet heads to make an anvil. I put two flats on the bottom half of the rod so I could hold it in the vice. I then used a hammer on the punch to expand and round the ends of the rivets. It also works with clutch lining.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

I can not see what the problem is, not had to reline my Ruby shoes yet, but many many years ago when I worked in a garage I must have relined hundreds of shoes, I had a punch the same size as the rivet head in a vice held the shoe in one hand and a hammer in the other,
hammered away till the rivet was flat. Smile
Use a 3/8 or 7/16 or so piece of bar. Use the angle grinder (or file if you have time to waste) and relieve the side of the bar where neccassary to clear the shoe. Shape the end again to suit. You.can then get it on the rivet square to upset it. Another bar held in the vice on the head and it is possible by yourself.

took a bit of finding, once you click on the link you need to scroll down to the pictures.  copyright  to Ruairidh
Thank You all ,for reply. I think I will try the Hed Jones metode ,and lathe the punch end with a small conical tip to guide and try to grind a grove to roll the tube part out.  Then grind the metal away ,to get it half moon shaped ,where it is not  needed now,  doglegged ,make obvious . Now to Workshop.

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