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What might this be?
Here is another conundrum with my RP kit purchase.
This piece although damaged might be something to do with the back seat, not the back rest I have that as well.
You will see it has a few fasteners or something along one edge and a stiffing piece of soft wood, broken, along another. On one side it has this chalk mark, which is also on the seat back, so may possibly be original, the upholstery being just that I think. The front and back seats seem very aged.
That's the rear seat base. The hole is to allow for the diff bump in the seat pan. A certain well-known Austin 7 woodwork business will be happy to provide you with a new one!
This is the rear seat base Jack.
Thank you both for your answers. I am surprised at the flimsy nature of the ply board, it would seem not seem sufficiently rigid to support the posteriors of children let alone adults. I am also surprise that the diff bump would come anywhere near the board, I shall have to go and give the assembly another coat of looking-at.

The chalk mark which is evident is the same as the one on the seat back and so might indicate two original items with their constructors mark.

Thanks for clarifying for me
Regards Jack
These, like many A7 ply parts, were very flimsy. We now make them from 1/4".

All seat backs seem to have been signed in chalk. Many are just squiggles, some are recognisable initials, and we have one (from a Pearl) fully signed "Alan Slipper".

I've not seen a signature on a seat base.
It looks as though there were 4 of these fasteners which could have held down the access flap for the pneumatic Mosley (?) “Float on air “ cushions.
That's correct, Dave. The Float-on-Air cushion was inserted from the back of the seat base and the upholstery closed using the press studs.

I believe that Jack was told that his car is the basic, standard saloon. My understanding has always been that Mosley cushions were a feature of de-luxe models only, but I'm happy to be corrected.

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