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So, 30-odd years after fitting it in the dash, it occurred to me that perhaps my Smiths MA rev counter actually works? If only it was connected to something.

It's a 4:1 unit though, and while I'm familiar with the method of driving off the end of the distributor, if it won't indicate correct speed then I wouldn't bother.

I understand Ulsters ran the tacho off the front cam gear, in fact I've got an external photo of the connection; but this looks like something that wouldn't be easy to set up on a standard (3-brg) engine without a few special parts.

So my question simply - is there a relatively easy way to drive a mechanical 4:1 tachometer from a standard A7 engine and get the correct indication at the dial?
Shouldn't be too difficult to adapt one of these to drive from the bottom of the distributor shaft.
Interesting option - thanks Stuart.
Talk to Speedograph Richfield. I think they have what you need.
Alan Fairless
Cheers Alan

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