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Recovering four spoke Bluemels
Ooh now you've got me thinking Ian - how do you distinguish between the two?
Well there may be other differences but the Ashby's fitted to Nippy's have cranked spokes to create a little dish, and the separators are round rather than square as on a Brookland's, the rim no doubt differs slightly as well but I have never had an Ashby next to a Brooklands to compare directly. IMO the wheel on your special Chris would appear to be a Brookland's fitted to a Nippy boss.
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Agree with Ian, presented at Brooklands, mine on VE4492 certainly was.
The special pictured is Stuart's Ian. My wheel looks exactly like a Nippy Frank Ashby wheel - round chrome separators with no markings, and black rim - but is not 'dished'. Did Frank Ashby also make a flat version?
I do not know the answer Chris I am only familiar with the dished Ashby wheels fitted to Nippy's, that's not to say they only made them dished it is entirely plausible they did other versions for other marques
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