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They are still out there!
Another car not on the Chassis Register:

How many more are there to be found?
Nice to find them like this! I imagine there are more than we realise not on the register, NZ certainly seems to have a lot of cars not recorded, something about the Kiwi mentality which prevents this. There are even people who use this forum who do not have their cars on the register.
Black Art Enthusiast 
Mike in 20 years or so when we're all pushing up daisys or sporting knee rugs in our rockers;   they'll all look like this again.
Barn finds will become plentiful and cheap , and university students will struggle once again to classes Tongue
imagine the adverts... Barn find "restored barn-find" (previously restored).
Repair only as needed and
oily rag ! I say don't restore
What does everyone else
Think ?
My problem I ask questions that other people don't like?
Like have you got that for an investment or for fun?
Appears to of been withdrawn from the auction. Lot 1063 is missing. Still a bunch of other A7 spares.
Suffolk, UK

1925 Chummy
1934 Box
it's a rubbish website with an appalling search function... but its still there

I've tried to give direct link but it won't let it be posted, annoyingly. Search on 'austin' and it comes up on second page

It just wants a dust off and repair where necessary.
A pair of WW2 flying goggles and an oil change and you are ready for JOGLE.
Mind you I'd knock a bit off as it looks like that front tyre might not be holding air and so may need a new inner tube...
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
sorry to bring some of you back down to earth.

But do have a look at ALL ALL ALL of the pictures.

The car has been in very long term storage, and the other pictures show the car part stripped. And not so road worthy looking.

I take it the auction house or someone has made the car look much more presentable for over bidders.

Also notice the BUYERS COMMISSION. at 21.6% percent in the room. Or bidding on ibidder it's 27% percent.

Don't forget if you are buying the car at £10,000 that's another £2,160 to add in fees. Or £2,700 if you want to bid from the comfort of your armchair.

As the car has been stored for 50 years, there is only a buff form and tax discs as paperwork. So it may take some effort to get a V5c, or age related number. Some good news though, the car in on the DVLA website.

As the auctioneer who helped get the car out if the coach house I can confirm the car is a lovely example with great local Gloucester history having been first registered in 1927, it even has the enamel dashboard plaque for the Gloucester supplier. It has buff logbook, early v5 but is still on the DVLA system so should be easy enough to sort the paperwork and registration.

When discovered some of the brightwork was removed, I've put pieces back on the car as best I can to show what's there but as Tony says, please do come and have a look, everyone's standards are differeny. I was surprised at how tidy it is given the length of time it's been tucked away, the brakes work and weren't sized on, the tyres seem to be holding air and engine turns.

If it were me I'd get it running as is rather than restore it, bear in mind the original engine is with the car it could be rebuilt and fitted when ready.

Here's a link to the best listing, it has all the extra photographs

Please do come and see it, email for more photographs or ask any questions if of interest.

If vehicles with nice history interest you do also see the 1927 Cotton racing motorbike and 1929 BSA which has had local owners for all of its life, other than the supplier and one man who took it to university it's lived within a 3 mile radius for its entire life!

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