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How to use HT lead acorns and brass discs?
(09-04-2019, 04:09 PM)mk1-mark Wrote: It is also possible to attach the little brass discs with small brass screws, these give a more positive connection than the paper clip thingies.  Funnily enough, I was doing exactly this at the weekend.

Would that be on Adam's car in preparation for the event we've had the finals for today Mark?

Look forward to seeing you both there. 

Using small screws sounds like an excellent idea. Will keep that in mind next time I make up some leads.
Leads prone to trouble on manual advance cars where distributor is cap forever moving. Esp if not very flexible.
And I guess all those contributing here are well aware but when drawing sparks these should be kept to modest length to avoid stressing the components, esp if electronic. Completely disconnected leads can start problems. (Was talking to a mower mechanic recently. He said some modern models fail thier components if the start cord pulled just once with the plug lead off!)
I can remember when I was a very small boy my Dad demonstrating the Seven sparks at night. In recent times before I knew better I impressed a scout group similarly. The rotor insulation failed soon after!
The Lucas type acorn fixing is made for brass cored plug leads with the exposed wire core fanned out below the brass washer and trapped under the acorn which should hold it nicely in place.

This acorn fixing is not really compatible with carbon cored plug leads especially when using a short bent wire shoved into the end of the lead. This obviously will not hold the lead in place when with a slight pull the bent pin will pull out.

The suggestion to screw something into the end of the lead would be a better solution - try a suitably sized brass pan head self tapping screw to attach the brass washer to the lead for some security.
Would that be on Adam's car in preparation for the event we've had the finals for today Mark?

It "might" be  Big Grin

Looking forward to seeing you there Steve.

Before then though, he is off to Beamish in it this weekend.  Bit of a test run !

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