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Bye Bye Annie...
Yes, it is - Chassis 175400
Yes Colin you are right chassis 175400 is listed under AMC 316 but not 801 UXF,so AMC could have been sold on ?
Would feel better if it turns out to be as full of bog as similar coloured car owned by one of the keen enthusiats here and which featured a year or so ago.
I am surprised at the interest in specials. Performance is somewhat more practical but little else.
After the recent shots of triumphant trial antics I thought the world would be queing for saloons!
Absolute wanton vandalism.
Someone's even robbed it of its original plate this is an age related number issued by dvla
One can only hope that the very illegitimate result of this piece of wanton vandalism is wholeheartedly rejected by VSCC Eligibility Committee and not accepted for any PWA7C events. There is now enough history to show it up as utterly fake if it ever appears. Of course, with German reg plates, draped with leather satchels and  claiming to be MM Retro acceptable it might find a home.
I don't know what is happening here, Its Peter Clayton,s car and he has owned it several years, I thought Peter had taken the body off a couple of years ago to restore Annie, he certainly is not a Mr Williams of waterski fame, I can't see Peter doing an Ulster so maybe he will comment here or on the Facebook page.
Another Seven picked apart by vultures who have little sympathy for original values, no more leafy lanes or evenings outside the pub...for my money the seller should’ve stuck to his KIA !!
It's nice to know that forum members do not make their comments and views known until they are aware of all of the facts. I have personal reasons for my actions which are of no concern to this friendly group. If any of the voices condeming me would like to save Annie as an original example, I am not averse to contribuions to a restoration fund.
In that case Peter I for one apologise for starting the thread.

I take it as a generally healthy sign when members are protective of original cars, so many seem to have been broken up for profit of late. In this case though it appears conclusions have been drawn a bit hastily and I'm sorry if it has caused you any discomfort personally.

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