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Oil can

Just bought this for a tenner. Thoughts please on originality?
The first thing I'd say, is if it gives enjoyment when you fill your engine. Then that's the best tenner you will ever spend.

Originality can be difficult on cans, especially from pictures.

I'll say the letters don't look to have the same life as the can has?

Some people may quary the font, and yes most of Austins advertising had a motif.

And in the main they didn't advertise austin in capitals (Austin).The A would be larger or capital (Austin).

Here are a couple of examples.

Sample of early austin A font when used in Capitol.


Again Austins A font on early advertising.


Here is I guess around 1950s add starting to use a plainer A, but you will notice the A is now larger than the rest of the word.


This is more the age of your tin.

Notice Capitol A. (Austin).


I'll throw this one in the mix, as there is always something unusual and out of the ordinary to what you expect.


Enjoy useing the pourer.


Most pourers, but not all have a date stamp.

Some stamps are deeper than others.

This one shown is 75 for 1975.

Thanks Tony. I guessed you would be the guy. My girls have bought it for my birthday and you are absolutely right I will always have the pleasure. Cheers.
I'd also go for it as an oldish can with new type, from some very thoughtful children with more imagination and obvious searching for the right present than the usual packet of handkerchiefs.
Andy B
Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think!
I do love that pourer - and great value !

Happy Birthday.

My prezzie arrived today and I am very pleased. Date looks like 11/53. Lettering looking like period, but possibly applied rather than painted.
That lettering style looks correct for a mid-fifties BMC can - it will be screen-printed onto the painted surface.
Ah Yes. Thanks Mike. Didn't think about screen printing.

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