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Great News
Some time ago I entered many posts about a dynamo that I failed despite much advice
to generate.
Just moved house so A7 work stalled.
However while moving I asked a friend to look at the Dynamo.
ITS WORKING 10 amps produced.
The next issue is the meshing of the bevel gears.
Some of you may remember the engine and other were in bits.
Any advise on fitting  much appreciated.
Brilliant, so what did your friend do to get it going so we may learn something?
Fitting of the dynamo on a coil ignited engine should be straightforward. Depending on the spec of dynamo you may need to remove the long bolt from the mounting (the one by the front of the block), the dynamo should push into place easily, but put a squirt of oil on the gear to be kind to it. Two fixing bolts are easy to access, put the top one in first, but the one  by the block just above the crankcase is best put in place before offering up the dynamo, and it is easiest to have a screwdriver slot in the head for tightening it. Good luck!
Robert Leigh
It is important gears are fitted with some backlash in all positions. (And the dyn gear not ex an altermotor or whatever the devices called!)
Thanks for the replies.
My friend Roy rewired the unit so still not sure what was wrong.
Still to interrogate him further
Great news you now have your dynamo working.
May I suggest you adjust the 3rd brush to reduce the charge or I fear it will not stay working !
If it is the later type of dynamo my suggestion is you set the winter charge to about 6 amps no more.
Advice on how to adjust is in the red book. Smile
Thanks Nick.
Is the red book you refer to Woodrow?

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