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Cold start
Query for you more knowledgeable guys out there,  car would start on the handle even when the battery was flat,  bought a new battery,  keeps its charge but now it's not keen to start on the handle , starts after cranking over for a few seconds and then it's fine starts first pull, any ideas ?
Put the flat battery back and see if it starts on the handle. Probably not possible as you have chucked the old battery away. Have you altered the ignition and its too far retarded ?? (perhaps you don't have A-R on the steering column??).
I don't believe fitting a better battery would give you a starting problem (certainly not if there's enough current to crank your engine). Look for the cause elsewhere.

Seems far more likely to me that (e.g.) your points need cleaning, or it's a bit chilly today, etc.
Disposed of the battery I'm afraid,  points set at 12thou, just done 16 miles in it , I suppose it could just be just the cold weather !
Cold weather maybe or possibly old fuel ??

This new fuel plays havoc with my other classics

Looks like cold weather, as I use it all year so it doesn't have a chance to go off
I would have thought the points are a bit tight at 12 I set mine at 14. As far a stale petrol goes try emptying the carb float chamber then filling with new fresh petrol and see if it starts on the handle. If it does you know it's stale fuel.

John Mason.
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