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Austin Seven Special
"Does anyone have a guess on the value of the Special. A post on the BaT website suggested $120,000 but that seems high to me. I may be tempted to bid."

Wow- US$120,000  (A$170,000) for what is only an Austin 7 Special- not a rare factory car.

It might look very well finished but I would think US$25,000- $30,000 should be the upper limit 

But that is just my idea - goodness knows what a tyro might bid.
I agree, my thoughts were around the $30,000 mark.
On the US site "bring a trailer - item 17778 austin7special" is an exquisite David Gregson special. Built in 2001 (his no 4 I think it said). Currently living in some luxury in Southern California.
Beautifully proportioned, to me it looks a bit like a baby (!) Riley Imp...ok with cycle front wings!" Only at about $11000 at the moment, but anything under $25-30000 will be a steal, but it will make much more....
Waterskis not included!

Sorry folks....already on the forum!
I started reading the posts from the wrong end!
Merged into the other thread for you David.
David, I had the same thought about the Riley, but think it is more an MPH tail with the turtle cover. Did you get the Chummy that you bought out of Granite Falls? Did you container it or fly it?

Erich in Seattle
What a beautifully engineered special. Many, many hours of work there.
cricket erich,

At $120,000  I'd sell you the supersports. And deliver it in person.

If the special was in the UK, it has to be something very special to go over £20,000 or $26,000

Nice replicas very rearly go over £25,000 or $32,500

I've seen the American auction seen, sometimes things look cheap to me. And then if it's something ENGLISH you don't see very often it can go wild.

But hay, if you have so much money you wouldn't even notice you spent it. Does it matter if it's $100,000 or $200,000 ?


I do love how the body has been put on the top shelf like a toy.

Erich, thanks for asking.
Yes the AD is home! I trucked it to a friend - well he is now! -from whom I bought the first two cars an RK & an AG. He kindly got it on to what was I believe a temporary Title registration in California (Cheap!) as it had never had a US title in all the time it was in the US!  I shipped it by sea again with Rinkens, who I have used every time. Air was not a viable option for me.
It is on a bit of a back burner at present as I am concentrating on getting "Chitti" - a different AG from the first (which I sold on)- finished. I have now made contact with the British guy who owned it in Hong Kong before it went to California & then Ohio! The AD runs pretty well and I am "in discussion" with the DVLA (licencing authorities) to keep the original Registration number.Needs some wiring tidying up & that is about first sight!
Tony, I'm afraid $120,000 is for me, just as far away as $200,000.;-) I don't doubt that it is a nice car, I just don't see how it could be worth $120,000. Of course, the Pea Green Special was listed recently for what I think was a bit less. I wonder what that car sold for? I'll keep an eye on the Gregson car, but when it tops $25,000 I'll opt out.

Erich in Seattle
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I believe this is T2 of a series of 4 built by David Gregson.

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