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Crank end float
No, no and no again to Loctite and glue!

The front bearings are seldom tight in the casing even when cold and less so at running temperature. If they are firmly clamped between rear lip (either original alloy or steel replacement) and steel front cover there will not normally be a problem.

If they have been spinning chronically in the housing and destroyed it then apply an engineering solution (e.g. sleeve it or find a better casing).
I've look at various suppliers web sites and can't see the bearing shims listed. Does anyone have a spare pair they are willing to sell me please ?
The front angular contact bearings are unlikely to turn in the alloy housing so no Loctite needed. 

If as appears the two angular contact bearings have narrow outer rings in a deep housing then you must fit a 30 thou outer ring spacer front and back to correctly locate the crankshaft.
Curiously that engine number is for stepped a.c bearings? Has the replacement lip been placed correctly? All covered in Woodrow except that the diag A41 C is drawn wrong and does not depict the inner rings adding to 1 5/8!
I see what you mean Tony. Yesterday I just fitted a shim under the outside bearing cover . It's gone up nice and tight, but maybe the crank is now pushed too far back as I only shimmed it one side. This can make a difference to where the oil jets line up I suppose. I better take it apart and fit a shim each side. Can someone please sell me a pair of the 30 though shims / spacers, as I have nothing suitable.
Before changing any shims check the conrods sit centrally in the pistons from underneath as a repair plate has been fitted. Terry.
Yes Terry, pretty much what I said in the other post relative to this.
Don’t want the Conrods hard up against the piston boss on one side
I'll take the plates off again, as the rods aren't exactly in the centre of the bores. I was hoping someone would have a spare pair of shims to help me out, but I've had no response to my request.
As I understand it the crankcase should suit stepped a.c races so the problem is presumably due the repair cover being spaced wrong or the bearings modified wrong. You may only need one shim. Cutting shims is tedious even with a lathe. A motor reconditoner may have suitable old oil ring rails.

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