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I had one from Tayna last week.

Arrived safely.

Please be aware how much damage even a small drop of acid from a battery will do - in the past, I have written off a couple of pairs of jeans and my Dad wrecked a bath tub, thanks to battery acid.


Nothing compared to what it does to human flesh...
Whilst not wanting to downplay the dangers of battery acid, you boys really do need to get a grip. I've no doubt it does a lot of damage to eyes and the like, and certainly buggers up your soft furnishings. Rubber gloves, old clothes and eye protection is all a very good idea.

But a little on your hands simply stings a bit, no huge deal so long as you wash it off fairly soon.

Father would generally put 2 layers of knackered batteries in the bottom of the transit (which by the way was always re sprung with custom springs), before filling the van with non ferrous on a trip to the scrap man at Sandycroft. It was not unusual to find battery acid dripping from the door upon arrival. This would make the mud in the yard bubble. They were then chucked into a skip to fester in their own juices. Valuable things knackered batteries. Usually after about 2 years use the van made a 1 way trip to the yard.
I agree with you to a point Hedd. Dangers tend to be a bit overstated these days, and I have fallen into that trap I will concede. A casual splash of car battery acid (which is relatively dilute - not concentrated acid, which is a whole other thing) can be washed off quickly and no great harm should result. You can expect some serious irritation if, for example, you spill it on clothing and allow it to remain in contact with skin for a while. When it comes to eyes and mucous membranes however you are at risk of genuine and permanent injury. It's therefore a substance which calls for proper care in handling.
Nothing wrong with old school. Nothing wrong with staying safe. Life is a balance.
A thing to keep in mind is that 'familiar' substances change in composition; as does your tolerance to them.
Anyone who saw me hobbling around with a stick at Beaulieu a couple of years ago may be surprised to learn the reason, which was that I spilled paraffin on my sock.
Thinking nothing much of it, I continued with what I was doing. Result was a 50% increase in shoe size.
I have had 6volt 80Ah Exide "Vintage" batteries from Tayna delivered on 2 separate occasions in the last couple of years; excellent batteries delivered filled and charged without any problems. Recommended.
I ordered mine yesterday and it was delivered at lunchtime today, well wrapped in a vacuum bag then encased in polystyrene and finally put in a sturdy well labelled box. Perfect, no leaks and all at a very reasonable price of £67.96 inclusive of VAT & p&p.

So all my worries of not being able to get a new battery were unfounded and thanks to Ian M and his link I'm a happy chappie and so is my Austin Ruby

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