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I got Nippy hinges from the seven workshop.
Assuming the hinges are original, a much simpler and nicer (not to mention far cheaper!) option would be to drill them out and fit oversize pins.

And re. Clubs, is the Bongtree Austin Seven Club, informally based around Braintree/ Dunmow still active?
If anything like mine, it's not so much the hinge at fault but the screws pulling out of the 'wood'.
Great solution, oversize original hinge pins different angle of thought. looks a common problem on the Nippy and probably other Sevens. After 80 years would expect for things to head south.
Spoke with Willie Mckenzie today who may be making some Nippy hinges, sadly mine are missing.

Thanks Dave, will look at oversize hinge pins, if not will speak with Seven Workshop.
On my own AG I drilled out the hinges to the nearest  .5mm (schh!) And bought stainless round headm clevis pins ...perfick!
Tanks Dave, definitely going down that route first. Your size of pin noted.

Hi, Am I right in thinking, that the DVLA no longer give out car history, even on historic vehicles? Looking through an old green type logbook ,for 1953 first entry on continuation logbook , noted the colour Green  had been crossed out and Red reinstated in different ink, so have a genuine reason to trace factory colour sadly it's the only old logbook I have with the car, so unable to check further back. Any thoughts?

RPM,  Rob
I understand that some records may be held outside the reach of the DVLA, depending on the original location of registration. I have a 1933 Austin, and some of the "VN" sequence is apparently held in the North Yorkshire Archives at Northallerton. As I have yet to visit, I do not know how complete they are, but I am hoping for confirmation of the original colour.
XG is Middlesborough. Try the listings on Kithead Trust to see if there are any records remaining anywhere.
And get scratching under your door hinges! Could be Atlantic Green! (although unlikely - too late, and by '53 it had probably been painted at least once)
Thanks, I take a look at that, may turn up some positive outcome. Noticed one of the previous owners, had the car for 44 years 1966 to 2010.

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