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LED Headlights
(07-02-2019, 09:10 PM)Reckless Rat Wrote: Legally speaking there is no requirement to have dipping headlamps. The lighting regulations relate to the necessity of having a "matched pair" and also that if they are not capable of being dipped that they are permanently directed downwards so as not to dazzle oncoming traffic.

I only have LED rear lights. I did look at going LED for the head and sidelights but having only just recently invested in new lenses, rims, bulbs, glass and reflectors I decided that for the time being I cannot really justify the additional expense. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have been out in the dark in the car so it would be frivolous to spend money that would be better invested elsewhere. The 6v lights are fine for what I need.

LED bulbs are not legal for use in cars manufactured before 1989.

I would recommend that before fitting LED lamps to our classic cars members may wish to view this link.
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LED bulbs do not conform to EU type approval. It is up top you whether you fit them or not, and to be honest I have NEVER, EVER heard of a prosecution for the use of a non standard bulb.

As the Duke of Wellington said - "Rules are made for the obedience by fools and the guidance of wise men".

Make your own decision.
Prosecution no, Insurance Company having leverage out of paying out yes.

I understood that LED bulbs are OK so long as the lamp to which they are fitted is not type approved and 'E' marked. If it is then the original bulbs must be used.
The lights on our cars do not comply with any of the type approvals as they predate them all. Thus any bulb can be used.
You can lose the Monte Carlo Rally if you have fitted the
wrong bulbs :-)

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Does that mean you have to use 18W headlights as per original and be dazzled by brake lights in front?
If you look at the pattern that the lights give on a Mot approved beam setter they will fail every time
and I fail them,put in the correct bulbs and they will pass every time nothing to do with brightness but the
leds are just not in the focal point of the lens but you do not need a test so up to you !
The most convincing argument I can see is that it is a good reason for your insurance not to pay out.

Remember their job is to take your money and to find every legal way to hang on to it.

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