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(11-01-2019, 05:44 PM)JonE Wrote: which images zeto? (The two above are entirely different cars - 65 from early 1933 and later Nippy with tighter radius rear wings from 1936)

Hi Jon my comment was based on known and accepted differences, not from any images.
Can you thus define 'accepted differences' further? It would be good to have more hypotheses to discuss...!
This photo is from the early 90s when the car was being restored. I am fairly sure that the bodywork you can see is all original, but I know that the restorer (Chris Keevill) had new wings made.

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Thank you both, I like pics and measurements. The plans are a great help now and for future. PO9515 looked a challenging project. This is such a good site and hope to contribute with my own experiences owning a Nippy sometime soon.
Regards RPM

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