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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
Today I intended to go out to the garage and do a day on the seven, but at 8am it was 2 degrees. So went out for the day instead. What temperature tomorrow? We'll see.
Sad to report my man flu head cold got worse so have taken to my bed
where A7 work is impossible....

Haven’t had a cold in years.

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
(12-02-2019, 09:50 PM)AllAlloyCup Wrote: .... so have taken to my bed where A7 work is impossible....

Now that's set me thinking. Could I clean up small components while in bed?
Well it is possible with a cordless Dremel....
but the lack of concentration rather rules it out.

In fact it was the next job to do on the Cup. I tried one casting before I took to bed.

Fettling, chasing and polishing the 4xrough castings
for the door catches. My grinding wheels are very, very
fine and I think I’ll have a face mask on the next time as the metal
dust is so fine it floats in the air.

Mind you copper kills germs :-)


Bill G

( now sitting up with tea)
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Been out for a run round the block to check all is well after having given the back end of the RP a service. Replaced the rear axle oil, new discs in the dampers and a general tidy up. Everything working as it should so I've put the car away and am now relaxing on the terrace watching the world go by, except no one goes by here...sunny, not a cloud to be seen. 18°C in the shade. If this keeps up I might have to do some gardening!
Spent a happy couple of hours cleaning up a very rusty clutch plate to see if I can get something better than what I've got, which is not hard as the rivets have shifted on my old one and the holes are now oval.

The plate itself has cleaned up, but still has quite deep pits on one side from corrosion. How near to perfect does the surface of the clutch plate need to be and is anybody producing new ones?

Also cleaned up some clutch cover plates (the one that the toggle arms bear on to compress the springs). They all show wear at the point where the toggles pivot. Two have had grub screws fitted and two are unmodified. Was the original surface flat on which the toggle arms bear, or was there a raised fulcrum point? Thinking of welding up and then grinding back to reconstitute the pivot point rather than installing new grub screws.

All advice gratefully received.

As you know, Colin, Nick and I usually agree about such things but I think this is, probably, the exception that might prove the rule! I've used the grub screw method on more cover plates than I can remember and never had a problem. I'm pretty sure Nick is an advocate of welding up and grinding back. In the end, you pays your money etc.

Looks like I'll have to upset one of you then. I never realised that Sevening meant living quite so on the edge!
I've finally produced one lower windscreen frame for an RN and a complete RN windscreen frame using a refurbished hinge that has been in my workshop for 3 decades.
You could try 4 or 5mm rods under the levers?

I’m about to do this on my 3 speed box.

Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 

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