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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
(24-10-2018, 09:25 PM)Roger Wrote:
(24-10-2018, 09:22 AM)Dave Mann Wrote: I'm still trying to find some of the gloves Ruairidh wears, all the ones I use end up in two pieces in minutes, a thumb and palm section and four fingers and a back section. I've tried vinyl, latex with no difference.


A little talcum powder inside the gloves and they slip on no problem.


Shouldn't someone say...."because you're worth it"....or do I watch too many ads?!
They go on easily enough, I start doing a job and then realise my glove is in two parts.
(26-10-2018, 10:39 AM)Dave Mann Wrote: They go on easily enough, I start doing a job and then realise my glove is in two parts.

Dave I use these:

They aren't cheap but are fairly robust resistant to petrol and thinners etc.
Dave - the gloves I use are "XL Black Rhino Nitrile".

Here are some on ebay but a short search may provide you with better value...

Thanks Ruairidh, I like the soft touch however, I think my present pack is "XL Black Rhino Nitrile" we are the best I've tried yet.
Not quite today, but on Saturday morning I drove the RK saloon down to just south of Burford from just north of Stratford to tuck it up for the winter in my daughter's garage. About 45 miles.
Took a bit longer than intended because of a fuelling problem. It used to leak fuel because the (new) needle didn't seat on the (new) valve despite lapping it in. So I put another washer under the valve to bodge it into seating. Yes, that is right, then it started not lifting to allow fuel in! The (new) bob weights also were coming out of the groove in the pin!
So I made an erratic trip with the fuel starvation varying from a bowlful (half a mile or so!) to up to 10 miles (out of Stow, up Wyke hill at a heady 25 and along the top towards Burford. Probably 15 -20 stops! No oil or water used, although when I got to my destination some water appeared at the n/s front corner of the engine where the block meets the crankcase. I panicked for a moment until I realised that was not a water joint & the water was probably coming from the side manifold or lower hose.
Some interestingly red and white coloured corrosion coming from the aluminium (old American anti freeze?) (I can't download the picture at present) so I drained the system for the winter!
Now to crack on with the AG tourer and get ready to do battle with the DVLA over the returning 1927 AD, another bought unseen....!

    American corrosion!
Evicted a mouse from the spare engine...
Rain Snow and Sunshine on the Riley Register Scatter Rally today,couple of other sevens taking part a Chummy and a Ruby crew who looked cosy and warm.
Getting the Trials Chummy prepared for Grandson Dan to use on the upcoming VSCC Lakeland and Cotswold Trials. The plan was that he'd come up here for the weekend after work yesterday and do most of the work himself. That plan fell apart Friday evening when he flew out to Imola at the last moment to take some parts for a customer Porsche that had visited the Armco during morning practice for the Imola Classic this weekend. The cost of getting him and 40kg of Porsche parts to Imola at the last minute was eye watering but that's how it can be at the upper end of the classic car world!

Fortunately, at the other end of that world he has a retained idiot who can do the Chummy preparation for him!!

Beat me to it Andy, splendid Batho, and you and Team Bradshaw defying the elements made us Rubyists feel a bit like hairdresers.

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