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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
Hi All

Took delivery of this expensive bit of metal today!

Destined for the RK eventually 



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cool!! So do they do create the oil troughs last of all then?!
What have I done today? Driven the seven again. It's getting to be a habit.
I like it when you buy some spares, then go through the boxes and find a load of stuff you need. I've been looking for a starter nut and bottom pulley for the engine in my unrestored cup for some time. Even bid on one of Tonys on ebay. 

Also didnt want a replica advance & retard disk, now have a choice of 5!. winner winner chicken dinner.

[Image: 172271862_10223091957301877_166436499885...e=6095CF54]
Those oil scoops are interesting...
pity they have them....
Took my Ruby to a Brit and Euro show for classic and vintage cars in Howick, Auckland.  There were 1,300 cars entered.  16 Austins arrived, of which 8 were Austins Sevens.
My Ruby attracted quite a lot of attention including unsolicited women posing on it.  So take heart all you Seven owners, yours could be a "chick magnet" too.
Graham Barker

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Took the Seven over to the horses this morning, the recently acquired Fiesta having blotted its copybook yet again. It was pithering with snow on the moors and the attached photos were taken with light snow swirling around.

Why, I wonder, is the oldest car in the fleet also the most reliable?

.jpg   S014I001.JPG (Size: 99.43 KB / Downloads: 258)

.jpg   S014I002.JPG (Size: 103.2 KB / Downloads: 256)

.jpg   S014I003.JPG (Size: 104.01 KB / Downloads: 256)

At the top of Bwlch-y-Garreg

.jpg   S014I004.JPG (Size: 124.3 KB / Downloads: 257)

My attempt to capture the falling snow on film (not very successfully).

And saw (1) 07000 miles come up. I have done almost 12000 miles in 2 1/2 years! Where do these miles all come from, I wonder?
GRR! Replaced the hydraulic (!) brake light switch on the AG as the brake lights were on permanently, so I assumed (HO HO) as it worked when put back that it had given up & there was a short in the switch (it being the only part of the brake system not renewed). Guess what...brake lights still on. So now I have to stand on my head & peer under the dash to find where a terminal has displaced itself.
All the wiring is new and perfect (!) so probably it will be somewhere around the new-fangled 1960's fuse box. The Klaxon blew a 25amp fuse with great gusto. replaced with a 50! no problem.
Back in "the day" I recall having much silver foil making up the AUX fuse on my 1931 saloon.....if it blew, add more. A friend had a substantial cut down nail acting as a fuse.
"A friend had a substantial cut down nail acting as a fuse. "

I seem to recall that such arrangements were called "everlasting fuses".

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