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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
What had you done to the steering box and what is the result?
First of all I washed it all out, checked the column adjustment and then lapped the worm and the gear wheel together with some fine grinding paste until I was bored rigid, then washed it all out again. I then dismantled the cover plate to withdraw the drop arm, and found that it had some ovality, and there was some wear in the outer part of the cover plate bush. A nice beardy bloke from up Alba way sent me another drop arm and a new bush, which I pressed into the cover plate. I then took the cover plate to a local engineering shop where they reamed it to suit the drop arm shaft.

I put everything back together and half filled the box with some 140 grade oil and reset the worm/gear and adjusted the end play on the drop arm shaft (my box is steel and I have modified the button arrangement, which is now threaded UNF and can be adjusted from outside).

After checking that everything was working as well as it should I put it back in the car and gave it a road test. There is still a little free play in the straight ahead position which manifests itself as about 1/2" at the wheel rim, but the rest of the steering movement is smooth, but not sloppy. I could adjust out the free play but it just tightens everything up so I will live with it as it is.

The front tyres are Longstones, but are getting a bit worn so the contact area is a bit flat. Perhaps I should change them too when the beer token van next comes round. They are currently running at 30psi.
I found that once I'd put Longstones on the front recently dropping the pressure to 25psi instead of the 30psi I was using in the Avons improved things
Buy an Austin 7 they said, It's easy to work on they said !
I'm not having much fun with installing pictures lately. However I will try a new tack.

With some freedom over Easter, and clear skies we as a Family decided to venture further afield with an Austin. Mrs Jones wanted some plants to brighten up the garden. And going to feed the ducks in Ellesmere seemed a good idea, with pretty much everywhere shut (supermarkets and garden centers excepted). The RP has been at home recently and has done almost all the lockdown miles, fetching eggs from the no contact farm shop, and being my conveyance for work when the modern is ill.

While at Tescos in Ellesmere (so the ladies could tinkle) we spotted a one legged man shopping on his classic tractor.

[Image: 168439628_10223039923881074_908145234779...e=6092E0EA]

We even ventured in and out again of Wales, but found no border guards which was disappointing.

On return home we seemed to have developed an oil leak, which I think is probably the front cam bolt. Thankfully I got rid of the nasty square headed one some time ago, and fitted a cap head. This will make rectification far less of a drama. However I also now think the front tyres are bordering illegal on the outside. Father did the king pins before he carked it, and I have long suspected the tracking to be out. This I believe proves it. With the RP now needing some TLC, I thought I would temporarily retire it to 'the shed' and fetch one of the others.

[Image: 168419047_10223039925441113_685960303388...e=60947E5B]

[Image: 169189288_10223039925681119_348394812652...e=60917561]

Mrs Jones veto'd the chummy on the basis of the weather, so it was going to be the RL. At the shed the chummy has been regularly run, as it is usually in the way of work on the roller. So as usual it started 3rd pull after a tickle. It has only an ignition and horn (no wiring) so the starter motor doesn't work, so its good its a good starter.

The RL seemed to have a flat battery. So I pushed it out

[Image: 168475334_10223039925921125_342988800349...e=60943CA4]

With the chummy put where the RL was and its battery robbed, and charged while I put the RP and the Fordson back in. When fitted the chummy battery would barely turn the engine on the RL (remember the chummy isnt wired so gets no charge), so 10 or so flicks of the handle had it running. Then drove it home.

[Image: 168801200_10223039926161131_156404985982...e=60936001]

On going round corners on the way home it has developed a nasty squeak, ever since I fitted some new rear tyres on some newly purchased wheels. Inspection shows the 350/400's I have used on the back a long time now rub the wheel arches on cornering (less offset on the current wheels?) and squeak. A most annoying squeak.

Sunday afternoon the RL got a good wash, wheels off and waxoyled the rear arches (to lube them!), a little fiddling with bulbs and the RL is good to go. No further adjustments made, same fuel as 12 months ago. Need to change the oil mind

[Image: 169068015_10223045885630114_862891035260...e=6091A945]

With it home, I plan to remove the luggage rack (for sale if anyone wants one), straighten the floor, weld a couple of cracks up (can anyone guess why its coming off?), remake the nobby floor brackets. Tonight I'm off to fetch the number plate hoops I have procured.

PS, RL battery was not flat. The negative terminal was dirty. So poor connection only. Currently showing 7V on the Aldi charger.
Hedd - would your luggage rack fit an RP? If so I could be interested.

It is identical to the one on our RP, other than I made the mounting brackets. Can post photos?
Thank you Reckers,
Sounds as if you have accomplished the mission. 1/2" play at the wheel would, I imagine, have been similar to that present on initial delivery.
Having done a similar job recently I shall be reporting back on the result, as soon as the engine change, brake cable renewal, prop shaft overhaul, etc, etc is finished.
I know I’m biased, but I do think the RL is the best looking of the Box Saloons.
Alan Fairless
We will have to get ours together at some point when all this nonsense is finished Alan.

David, this will give you the idea. Clearly I trimmed the angled members. I will be keeping the number plate (not shown), but the hinges will remain (also not shown).

I believe the horizontal brackets on the RP are cranked to go around the rear tank, but it will not be beyond the wit of man to fit this to an RP. Most of it is bolted together with button head cap heads with nylocks, rather than rivetted.

P.S I prefer the black wheels 

[Image: 170147864_10223066556306868_313399153453...e=6094DA5A]
(07-04-2021, 01:38 PM)Alan Wrote: I know I’m biased, but I do think the RL is the best looking of the Box Saloons.

Well I'm biased as well but I agree!


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