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What have you done today with your Austin Seven
"The 1932 RP which I bought in 1959 was fitted with semaphore indicators, and they were not uncommon on other RPs at the time. They looked as though they might have been factory fitted. The brochure 1060a from 1933 shows the car with semaphore indicators fitted.

Robert Leigh"


I must admit to being a little confused as to the factory fitment of semaphore indicators to RP saloons. I am pretty sure that they were standard fitment to '34 deluxe saloons. Standard saloons didn't appear to have them from the factory. My '33 standard saloon certainly never had them fitted. were they previously a 'factory fitted' option, I wonder?

My 33 saloon (June) does not have them and there's no evidence that it ever had them. I thought they were introduced in August 1933.
Whilst not conclusive evidence, the June 1933 Sales Catalogue 930C does not show trafficators, whilst the September 1933 issue 1028A shows trafficators on all models except the Type 65. They don't appear on the Nippy until the 1171A catalogue dated August 1934 (the Speedy is still without them).
My December 32 RP doesn't have them and there are no signs that they were ever fitted.
The 34 RP in the Museum at Yeovil doesn't have them either and doesn't appear to have 
had them in the past.  Undecided
So it looks as if semaphore indicators were fitted from Aug/Sept '33 onwards.

I would imagine that they could easily be 'retro-fitted' though and this is perhaps what happened. If memory serves me correctly, they were made by Trico and were probably obtainable as an accessory.
My '34 Tourer has the mounting holes, filled, and looks like there never were trafficators fitted.   I had it for a year before I noticed they were there.

Maybe they were Deluxe accessories.
Getting ready for a little engineering

Oh that looks clean!

Did you know that today’s date is 02/02/2020 (almost palindromic) I know I won’t be around when this happens again!

Thanks to Harry Hales (who some of you may know) for pointing this date phenomenon out to me!


Surely it really is palindromic?
And what about 12/02/2021, and 22/02/2022? Or am I missing something?
Hi Mick

I may wrong but to be fully palindromic don’t the slashes have to be included?

But thanks for pointing out the other occurrences. Perhaps I may be around for them!



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